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Lyinheart has choice words for Kansas City! Did he diss Tech N9ne? Did he go too far?

Indie hip hop artist Lyinheart The Beast Untamed recently released his project Nomadic" The Soul Journey in the late summer of September 2016. The project consist of 10 hip hop songs that really give you an understanding of who exactly the man is behind the microphone, and just how much he is needed for hip hop. Lyinheart takes plenty of risk on this project, however the song titled "Fukc Kansas City" had some people in an uproar online.

Seeing such a shocking title for a song makes you wonder what could he possibly mean by it. Some even when on to say that he dissed Kansas City Hip Hop Legend Tech n9ne. In the song Lyinheart raps " 4 Clips take no shit/ No more games Tech n9ne kill yo shit/ Im on my Strange". Clearly insinuating that he has a Tech Nine (A Lyrical gun we assume) and is saying he will kill off other rappers like Tech n9ne from Strange Music. Lyinheart is an extremely talented Hip Hop Musician who like Tech n9ne is from Kansas City, Missouri. Below we take you through some of the reactions of people who have listened to the controversial song, and give our take. LISTEN TO FUCK KANSAS CITY HERE.

So if you listen to the song, he's not dissing his hometown and and he didn't diss Kansas City Legend Tech n9ne. He actually gave his credit to the Independent giant. He's simply upset about the crime rate, killings, innocent babies being killed. He's an artist who clearly isn't afraid to take risk. Being independent you're suppose to take risk. Its what separates the Underground from mainstream hip hop. A Label may have told Lyinheart to change the title and by legal binding contracts he would have to or simply not come out with the song all together. A Title can be whatever the artist's wants the title wants to be. Some titles are made to grab your attention. I honestly think that the title is brilliant, brave, and artist like Lyinheart are needed for hip hop.

If you didnt understand any of the song he clearly says his main point at the end of the song. " Either we learn to put some love in the city or my middle fingers up screaming fuck Kansas City". The message is raw, yet very heartfelt and very conscious. WHATS YOUR TAKE? LEAVE COMMENTS BELOW


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