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Does Prayer Change Gods Mind?

Lyinheart Praying. Praying hands.

People pray for different things. Some pray for material things that they need or want such as a car, a home to live in, a job, or non material things such as understanding and forgiveness. I sat down with Lyinheart The Beast Untamed (An extremely talented Rapper from Kansas City) to talk about music and about his latest music project "Nomadic" which is extremely deep, thoughtful and spiritual. He talks about Suicide, Death, Religion, the Illumanati, Racism, the list goes on. But when we talked about prayer he gave an interesting perspective on this topic. READ BELOW!


Prayer is defined by the following: PRAYER -a solemn request for help or expression of thanks addressed to God or an object of worship. However, the topic and question is, does it change the outcome of what that prayer is or is about? Many think that prayer changes the outcome. For example, someone gets into a car accident and his or her loved ones begin to pray for healing on the individual involved in that car accident. Lyinheart believes that prayer doesn't change the outcome. Stating that "Prayer changes the mind from thinking the worse to thinking the best possible outcome, not the actual outcome". If prayer did change the outcome of a situation then that would mean that God could be persuaded". Lyinheart believes that God cannot be persuaded because that would mean that people would have a say in what God allows or doesn't allow to happen.

We then began to touch more on this topic and as I listened to the way Lyinheart explained things, I had a clearer perspective of where the deep messages on his "Nomadic" project came from. I've prayed for so many people and things with the intent of changing the outcome, but by doing so I never took into consideration that Gods will, plan, and design will happen regardless of what my prayer is. Taking things further I asked Lyinheart what does he pray for if he believes that prayer won't change the outcome. He responded the following: "Prayer doesn't change the outcome but that doesn't mean you shouldn't pray. I believe you should pray for Understanding, Forgiveness, And a Loving Spirit. By praying for that you aren't asking God to have a change of heart or compromise the plan of God; you're more so letting God do what is designed and asking for understanding of that plan. We often get caught up on what we want vs Letting God be fully in control. As if we have some sort of say in what God has outlined. If what we Pray for, and want to happen is in Gods will and plan we then act as if the prayer worked. But in reality, if what we prayed for worked, it was simply in Gods Plan".

These days most hip hop artist give you songs about money, women, and cars. It's actually rare to sit down and have such an in depth and insightful conversation with one. Lyinheart The Beast Untamed has actually made me more of a fan after this conversation and I'm very interested on other Spiritual Topics, and other aspects of life and music that don't get talked about. I Encourage everyone to Listen thoroughly to his "Nomadic"(The Soul Journey) Project and support him. He's one of those special artist that you don't see come around that often. Blessings to all who read this and Don't forget to pray for understanding, forgiveness, and a loving spirit. Those are things that we can do. We need to let God do God. Sometimes its hard. We experience a lot in life. Death, sickness, accidents, abuse, etc. But no matter how much we pray We cannot change the outcome. We can only change how we view the outcome, whatever that outcome is. LEAVE COMMENTS BELOW AND PREVIEW NOMADIC (THE SOUL JOURNEY BELOW!

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